A leader in the world of making motorcycles of high standards for both speed and performance, Indian is a fan favorite spanning generation after generation. With our selection of Indian motorcycle accessories at the ready, find the right solution to make every ride your best ride yet. Made to bring functionality and style to your ride, these Indian motorcycle accessories cover every imaginable need for a range of their most sought-after models.

When looking at the story of Indian as a brand, the beginning started with bicycles in 1901 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The bicycle was an obvious blueprint for what we now know as the modern motorcycle. From the bicycle, the motorized bicycle was born, and that paved the way for motorcycles to become the intrepid machines of movement they are today. This individual manufacturer broke the first speed record of the time when their motorcycles reached 56 miles per hour in 1903, and they have been blazing a trail ever since. The company has changed ownership and direction over the years, but the overall commitment to quality remains the same in every model. The Indian brand has changed hands over the years, from the nine company merger formed from 1993-2003 to the Stellican Limited owned era from 2006-2011, but things really picked up again when Polaris took ownership in 2011. They continue at the helm of this brand today and bring the Indian legacy to a whole new generation of motorcycle fans.

We are pleased to bring you a wide selection of Indian motorcycle accessories to help you carry on this legacy on your end. When you bought your motorcycle, chances are that it came with just the bare necessities. With this in mind, we bring our customers an inventory of all the extras and essentials a rider could possibly need. Our inventory covers such cool must-have items as audio and electronic devices, decals and medallions, heated grips, replacement handlebars, footrests, specialized LED lighting, and so much more. Whether looking for cargo nets and trim to battery tenders and engine covers, we have it all right here in one convenient place for all your shopping needs. From consoles to foot pegs, we offer all the essentials to make your bike the custom vehicle you always dreamed of when you first bought it. All of the solutions we offer are high-quality OEM options which are manufactured direct from the manufacturer to further ensure excellence and performance.

Common Upgrades

  • Heated Handlebars. When riding in cold weather, heated handlebars are one upgrade you will never regret. This is one of the most common upgrades because it brings warmth to your hands and makes riding easier than ever.
  • Backrests. When riding, you need proper support to ensure proper control and stability, not to mention comfort! No one wants to ride a bike that leaves their back hurting after too long a ride. Backrests come in so many styles and sizes that you can find the right one for any preference with ease.
  • Windshields. Whether you want a higher windshield for added protection from the wind while you ride or a tinted one to help block out more sun, this is an easy way to upgrade your motorcycle. Windshields are easy to install and can give the bike a whole new look and function to it overall.

While having a range of accessories at the ready is always important, it's also crucial to have the right options for your individual ride. Our Indian motorcycle accessories cover a wide range of models to make sure you get the right fit for proper installation. We offer such essential models from this brand as their Chief Classic, Chief Dark Horse, Chief Vintage, and their Roadmaster and Scout lineups. We also offer a range of years to choose from within each model to make sure you find the exact option for your needs. Best of all, we aim to make quality and affordability go hand in hand with our inventory. When it comes to your favorite set of wheels, compromise isn't an option. Our inventory of high-quality solutions has you covered! Order today and make the most of your next ride on your favorite motorcycle.

We are committed to delivering an outstanding customer service experience from start to finish. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please reach out for further assistance on the matter. Our knowledgeable team is always happy to help in any way.