Indian Motorcycle Parts

At the start of the 20th century, Indian Motorcycle Co. was born. Former bicycle racers and manufacturers George M. Hendee and Oscar Hedstrom partnered up and began to design, build, and test the motorcycles that would leave a lasting impression on the motorsport industry that has carried on to the present day. After merging with DuPont Motors in 1930, Indian had the unique advantage of DuPont's paint industry connections. This helped the motorcycles stand out from competitors, resulting in a hike in popularity. Through World War I and II, Indian played a part in acting as a form of wartime transportation. Since then, Indian has seen ups and down, and was eventually acquired by Polaris in 2011. We're proud to carry motorcycle parts for this historically rich brand, ranging from 2012 to the present day. Here, you'll find all of the OEM parts you need to tune up your Indian motorcycle. When you choose OEM parts, you're buying parts made directly by Indian, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Later 2000s

If your Indian motorcycle was manufactured in the later 2000s, from 2016 and on, we've got the right OEM parts you've been searching for. Whether you ride a Chief Dark Horse or Scout Sixty, we stock everything needed for small tune-ups to large scale repairs. From brakes and side stands, to starter motors and fuel tanks, you'll find exactly what you need to get your Indian up and running smoothly again. Our inventory of Indian motorcycle parts is wide-ranging, making us your latest one-stop shop!


Maybe your bike was produced between 2015 and 2012. If so, we can easily accommodate whatever Indian motorcycle parts needs you have. No matter which model you own—the Chieftain, Scout, or Chief—we can help you find the parts you need to finally get your motorcycle cruising down the highway once more. From seats and fenders to oil pumps and clutches, we stock all the essential OEM parts for your bike.

If you know the exact part number and model you need it for, you can use our convenient OEM Part Search tool to get to what you need quickly. In seconds, you'll have the Indian motorcycle parts in your cart and ready to check out! No matter what Indian motorcycle parts you need, we've got them all. Let us help you get your bike out of storage and back out on the road with our large inventory of parts you've been meaning to purchase. Find them here today!