OEM Parts For Yamaha

Yamaha has been a major force in the powersport industry since 1955. With the production of YA-1 Motorcycle in ‘55, the brand has maintained its respectable reputation for cutting-edge technology and hard-working vehicles ever since. We’re proud to carry a huge inventory of OEM parts for a number of Yamaha vehicles. By choosing OEM, you’re purchasing parts made by Yamaha. Because of that, they’ll perfectly install on your specific model.


If you’re working on a Yamaha ATV, we offer a huge inventory of parts for models ranging from 1980 to the current year. No matter which model you have—YFZ50, Kodiak, Grizzly, Warrior—we have the right OEM parts for both minor repairs and full-scale replacement jobs. Maybe you need to replace a broken frame or fuel tank, or something smaller like a headlight. You’ll also find oil pumps, exhausts, clutches, taillights, and more in our ATV inventory.

Lawn Tractor OEM Parts

Our Yamaha parts inventory also features options for lawn tractors. We carry parts for tractors produced in 1988, 1989, and 1990. Get what you need for the YT3600M, YT6800N, YMS204QP, YT6700P, and other models. From governors and starter motors to brakes and steering wheels, pick up the right parts for your Yamaha lawn tractor here.

Motorcycle OEM Parts

Are you an owner of a Yamaha motorcycle? With OEM parts for bikes from 1962 to the current year, you’ll be able to purchase the right parts for your specific motorcycle. From sport to touring bikes, find the precise transmission, wheels, side covers, crankshaft piston, valves, and more to make the repairs needed to get your bike on the road again.

Multi-Purpose Engine OEM Parts

For Yamaha’s multi-purpose engines, we carry parts for those produced from 2004 up to the current year. You’ll be able to find parts to repair engines like the MZ175AAIA6, MZ175K2UC, MZ360K2EU, and MA19S50501. From air shroud starters to intakes and TCI magnetos and emblem labels, we have it all.

Outdoor Power Equipment OEM Parts

No matter which type of Yamaha outdoor power equipment you own, we feature parts for dozens of them in our expansive OEM parts inventory. Some of these include the inverter generators and pressure washers, as well as the EC2800, YG6600DEJ, and EF6600A. Get the OEM parts needed for repairs with available options including camshaft valves, control boxes, cylinders, flywheel housing, engine beds, and much more.

Race Kart OEM Parts

Get your Yamaha Race Kart and kart engine working by finally making those repairs. We carry OEM parts for kart and kart engines made from 1995 to 2008. The models included in our inventory include the KT100S, RC100S, and YZ125PSK. For kart engines, choose from magnetos, crankcases, cylinders, and carburetors. For the karts, we stock wire pedal footrests, steering handlers, seats, bumpers, and more.

Scooter OEM Parts

If your Yamaha scooter was manufactured in 1983 or beyond, we’ve got all the parts you need to make small and large repairs. Whether you drive the Zuma, Vino, XMax, Riva, or Majesty, you’ll find the right parts for your model. From leg shields and stand footrests to handle switch levers and front master cylinders, we have the right OEM parts for your scooter.

Side x Side OEM Parts

If your Yamaha Side x Side has damaged or broken parts, get them repaired swiftly with our huge selection of OEM parts. Whichever model you own—Viking, Wolverine, Rhino, or Pro Hauler—we carry a vast assortment of crucial parts. Some of these include accelerators, engine assemblies, intakes, bumpers, and shifter cables.

Snowmobile OEM Parts

For Yamaha snowmobiles manufactured in 1968 up to the current year, OEM parts can be found for them in our huge inventory. Some of the models we carry parts for include the SS338, RS Venture TF, VK540, Mountain Max 600, and VMax 700. Everything you need can be found here, like meters, skis, track suspensions, windshields, starter kits, brakes, and hoods.

Sport Boat OEM Parts

Yamaha Sport Boats are fun, but no so much when they’re out of service. Keep yours in top shape with the right OEM parts. It doesn’t matter which model you drive—we cater to them all from 1996 to the current year. From the Exciter to the 210FSH Deluxe, we’ve got exactly what you’re searching for. Find deck drain fittings, awnings, ventilators, steering wheels, and more for your Yamaha boat.

WaveRunner OEM Parts

Fix up your WaveRunner to get back out of the water this year. Our inventory spans from 1987 to the current year with parts for Wave Raiders, FX Cruisers, WaveRunners Super Jets, and other models. From vital parts like starting motors, intakes, bilge pumps, and handles, we carry what your specific model needs to properly operate.